No Job Too Small, No Tree Too Tall​

3 Health Benefits of Regular Tree Trimming

cutting thuja tree

Aside from increasing property value and enhancing the curb appeal of your home, trimming plays a crucial role in improving the overall health of trees. It can help increase the amount of sunlight and rainwater reaching the tree as well as stop pests and diseases from spreading to other parts of the affected tree. Keep […]

5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Professional Stump Grinding Services

Stump on green grass in the garden. Old tree stump in the summer park.

Hiring a professional stump grinding service can be a wise investment when removing unsightly tree stumps from your property. While it may be tempting to tackle the task yourself, enlisting experts for this job can save you time, money, and potential risks. Stump grinding involves using specialized equipment to grind the stump into small wood […]

5 Reasons to Invest in Professional Tree Removal and Emergency Services

An electric chainsaw is being used to cut down a tree that was killed by a hurricane in Florida.

Trees can be a beautiful addition to your property and the natural world, but they must be maintained. When you can’t handle tree removal, it’s time to call in professionals. A qualified tree removal company ensures your trees and shrubs are maintained. They can deal with everything from dead or diseased plants to dangerously leaning […]

Preventing Wildfires: Exploring the Benefits of Fire Abatement Services

Forest Landscape Before and After Fire

Fire abatement reduces the risk of wildfires and minimizes the damage caused by them. It involves various methods, such as removing or reducing potential fuel sources of fires, creating defensible spaces around homes and buildings, implementing fire-resistant building materials and construction practices, and developing evacuation plans and emergency response strategies. Using these prevention strategies provides […]

Common Signs of Disease in Fruit Treed

tree branch with green leaves of affected closeup

Every fruit-tree owner should understand how to spot the signs of a diseased fruit tree. It is not difficult, but new pests and diseases are always emerging, so checking on your trees for common plant health problems is essential. Here is a guide to common diseases that plague fruit trees. Brown Rot This disease often […]

Hire a Professional Arborist to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Young married couple in work uniform with shovel plant tree sapling in ground

Residents of lively Santa Barbara enjoy a mild climate all year long. If you love spending time outdoors fishing at Goleta Pier and kayaking near the nearby Channel Islands, you’ll want all of your home’s exterior spaces to reflect this passion for the outdoors. That’s why hiring a professional arborist is vitally important. Our experts […]

Hazards of Removing a Tree on Your Own

Rural landscape with a path, trees and meadows on hills, blue sky and pleasant warm sunshine from the low sun

The climate in Santa Barbara, California is subtropical with winters that are mild and rainy and summers that are sunny and beautiful. These conditions are perfect for trees to thrive and grow, especially if they receive the right care. Unfortunately, there will be troublesome trees that must be removed, especially if they’re about to fall. […]