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How to Handle the Removal of Large Trees and Obstacles

Although the removal of a tree is distinctly a loss, it is sometimes necessary. They can succumb to disease, insect infestation, drought, and even old age. A dead or dying tree is a danger on your property, and its removal is unavoidable. Summer is the perfect time to carry out this project. Whether the tree is being taken down due to safety, aesthetics, or its proximity to a building, the process is complex, and it calls for professional expertise. Here are the best practices experts employ to carry out large tree removal.

1. Evaluation of the Situation

Taking stock of the surroundings before beginning any tree removal effort is essential. When you hire a professional, the first step they should take is to analyze the tree’s position, size, health, and potential roadblocks. Experts ensure that there are no electrical lines or other potential dangers in the way before beginning the task.

2. Creation of a Plan

After taking stock of the situation, experts formulate a strategy. They think of where they’ll put the wood, if they need a crane, and how they’ll get the tree down. They then make a plan to eliminate or work around any potential roadblocks safely.

3. Acquisition of Necessary Permits

Depending on the locale as well as the tree’s size and species, getting the proper permits in advance is often crucial. Before starting, tree removal firms should ensure they comply with all laws and regulations in your residential area by contacting the appropriate authorities.

4. Use of Appropriate Gear

Tree removal is a dangerous activity that requires the use of specific tools and protective equipment. Professionals should put on a protective hat, goggles, and safety shoes. They shouldn’t wear anything that could get stuck in branches or their gear.

5. Cutting the Tree Into Sections

Cutting down a large tree in one fell swoop is risky and destructive, so taking it down in stages is imperative. Professionals remove the tree’s largest branches before cutting the tree’s trunk into sections from the top down. The fall of these can be steered away from obstacles by using ropes and pulleys.

6. Removal of the Stump

After cutting down a tree, the stump must be removed. Stump grinding machines and manual digging are viable options for this. Professional tree removal firms remove all the roots and trash from the area before planting a new tree there.

To Wrap Up

When dealing with enormous trees and other obstacles, tree removal in the summer can be difficult. That’s why you need to hire a professional firm to ensure that the process is flawless.

At Economy Tree, Inc, we are proud of the professional tree removal services we provide to our clients in Santa Barbara, CA, and we’ll ensure that this or any other service you require of us is done effectively.

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Felicia S.
Felicia S.
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"I absolutely recommend them. They did a great job on a variety of trees, were very professional and courteous and cleaned everything up. I had a very large overgrown pepper tree and they trimmed it beautifully. I also had a shapeless pear tree and another almost dead tree. They did a great job with all of them. Bart, their arborist, was very knowledgeable and also listened to my requests and concerns."
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"Just had a bunch of tree work done at our property. The trees look fantastic! The crew was fast, professional and friendly. Christian, the manager, was super nice and responsive to my requests. They did a great cleanup and I highly recommend them."
Punch I.
Punch I.
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"I had four palm trees I wanted removed from my yard and after meeting with Bart a time was agreed upon. His crew was on time and highly professional. They were very careful not to damage anything around the trees during the removal. They also removed all debris and ground the stumps. The whole job went fast and was priced very reasonably. Bart was also very knowledgeable and helpful as to guidance on keeping my other trees healthy and trimmed. I highly recommend Economy Tree Service."