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How to Tell If Your Tree Is Dangerous

Trees can be a peaceful and majestic presence in your yard, providing shade and beautiful scenery. But if you have an old or a sickly tree on your hands, it can turn the serene environment into a dangerous one. Here are some warning signs that you may have a hazardous tree.

Hollow Trunks

Trees should have smooth, solid trunks. If you find large cavities or hollows in the trunk of your tree, this could be a sign that it is no longer healthy and could be at risk of falling over. Insects, rot, or disease can cause cavities. They can also weaken the tree’s structure and make it more prone to toppling.

Large or Multiple Dead Branches

Dead branches are a huge danger sign when it comes to trees. The wind, rain, and snow can cause them to fall without warning. Dead branches can lead to property damage or even injury in some cases. If you notice dead branches, it’s best to remove them from the tree immediately.

Leaning Trunk

The trunk of a tree should be straight and upright. If you notice that the trunk is starting to lean, it’s another sign of a possible hazard. The tree may start falling in one direction and break off. The cause of the leaning trunk could be due to the ground shifting or too much weight on one side of the tree.

Bark Splitting

Tree barks should be relatively smooth, with small cracks and crevices. If you notice large splits in the bark of your tree, it could be another sign that the tree is in an unhealthy state. These splits can allow moisture to get into the wood and lead to decay and rot, further weakening the tree’s structure.

Mushrooms Growing on It

Mushrooms growing around the base of your tree can signify rotting or decaying wood. These mushrooms will draw in more moisture and insects, damaging the tree’s structure. They can also be a sign of infection, so it’s important to get them checked out by an arborist.

Dead Wood

Trees may have some dead wood, but it should be minimal. If you notice a significant amount of dead wood on the tree, this is a sign that it’s not healthy. Dead wood can be easily broken off and could cause damage to the landscape or people below. It can also be a sign that the tree is diseased or rotting.

Poor Root Structure

Trees need strong, healthy root systems to anchor them firmly in the ground. If you notice that the roots of your tree are exposed or weak, it can be a sign that the tree is in danger of falling over. Exposed roots can also allow moisture to seep into the wood and cause rot.

If you notice any warning signs in your tree, it’s best to call certified arborists like Economy Tree, Inc. in Santa Barbara, CA immediately. We can assess the tree and determine what needs to be done to make it safe again. Don’t wait until it’s too late – call Economy Tree, Inc. today!

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Felicia S.
Felicia S.
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"I absolutely recommend them. They did a great job on a variety of trees, were very professional and courteous and cleaned everything up. I had a very large overgrown pepper tree and they trimmed it beautifully. I also had a shapeless pear tree and another almost dead tree. They did a great job with all of them. Bart, their arborist, was very knowledgeable and also listened to my requests and concerns."
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"Just had a bunch of tree work done at our property. The trees look fantastic! The crew was fast, professional and friendly. Christian, the manager, was super nice and responsive to my requests. They did a great cleanup and I highly recommend them."
Punch I.
Punch I.
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"I had four palm trees I wanted removed from my yard and after meeting with Bart a time was agreed upon. His crew was on time and highly professional. They were very careful not to damage anything around the trees during the removal. They also removed all debris and ground the stumps. The whole job went fast and was priced very reasonably. Bart was also very knowledgeable and helpful as to guidance on keeping my other trees healthy and trimmed. I highly recommend Economy Tree Service."