No Job Too Small, No Tree Too Tall​

Protect Your Yard By Removing Abandoned Stumps

very old tree stump

Abandoned tree stumps can become hazards over time. Leaving them to stand on your property can lead to an unsightly tangle of weeds and brush. Pests, from rodents to raccoons, can move into a stump. If you forget it’s there, it can do a great deal of damage to your mower, and flying chunks of […]

Ready for Winter: Outdoor Christmas Tree Safety Tips From Professionals

Blue color star effect Christmas decoration lights on spruce tree glowing at night.

The holiday season is almost upon us, and chances are you’re just itching to get into the Christmas spirit. It’s never too early to start decorating for the holidays, and you might even be considering setting up an outdoor Christmas tree. Businesses using outdoor Christmas trees must also be mindful of how their decorations may […]

Tree Problems and Concerns During the Fall

Professional gardener pruning a tree

Around this time of the year, trees signal their changes. Many tree types drop leaves as the temperature cools and they prepare to go dormant. This process is completely natural, but some other indications aren’t. Autumn is also the time to think about winterizing your trees. There are several issues concerning your trees that you […]

How to Handle the Removal of Large Trees and Obstacles

Old abandoned villa house in the jungle overgrown with trees and plants after war

Although the removal of a tree is distinctly a loss, it is sometimes necessary. They can succumb to disease, insect infestation, drought, and even old age. A dead or dying tree is a danger on your property, and its removal is unavoidable. Summer is the perfect time to carry out this project. Whether the tree […]

Top Five Tips to Keep Your Tree Alive and Healthy This Springtime

Heart shape in the forest canopy.

Spring is an essential time of the year for trees as they begin to wake up from their winter dormancy and prepare for a new season of growth. Keeping trees healthy during this period is crucial for their overall well-being. Here are some tips on how to keep trees healthy during spring. 1. Inspect Trees […]

Tree Maintenance Tips to Prevent Property Damage and Boost Curb Appeal

Tree cutting, tree care

Trees are a beautiful addition to any property and can enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor spaces. However, they can quickly become dangerous and a liability if not well cared for. Taking the time to maintain your trees properly can save you time and money in the long run, as it can prevent property damage […]

Here’s Why Winter Is the Perfect Time for Tree Removal

A Tree Surgeon trims trees using a chain saw and a bucket truck

Unless a tree has become a hazard and needs to be taken down right away, you may want to remove a sick, dying, or out-of-place tree during the winter. Santa Barbara’s winters may be mild, but trees still go dormant, and it’s still easier and less expensive to remove them. Here are some reasons why […]

What Can You do for Your Trees in the Fall?

Autumn trees with colorful foliage in forest or park on foggy morning. Fall landscape background with yellow and orange trees in fog

Although Santa Barbara, CA doesn’t get as cold as other parts of the country, it can still be quite chilly in the winter. This cold weather can impact the health of your trees, but there are several things you can do to help them prepare for the changing temperatures. Completing a few tasks in the […]

What’s the Best Time of the Year to Prune Trees?

gardener pruning fruit tree brunches with pruning shears

Santa Barbara’s “urban forest” is a mix of more than 300,000 public trees and thousands more on private properties throughout the area. If you have trees in your backyard or peppered throughout other outside spaces you regularly care for, you know pruning is important for overall tree health. It’s also an effective way to maintain […]